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About Us

Sextrade101; Toronto’s ONLY Sex Trade Survivors and Abolitionists Organization

We are Canada’s leading experiential public figures regarding the sex trade industry, and organized pimp violence. We offer the public awareness and education on all aspects of the sex trade, in order to eradicate myths and stereotypes about prostitution by replacing them with facts and true stories from women who’ve been enslaved by this dark and lucrative industry.

We are a group of very diverse, unique, Canadian women. Our backgrounds and our stories are quite different. The common thread is prostitution. We have come together under the organization Sex Trade 101: Public Awareness and Education, to promote ourselves as sex trade experts; front-line workers, speakers, advocates, and activists for the rights of sex trafficking victims and prostitution survivors.

Our reasons for this unity are personal to us. Our main goal is to offer a deeper insight to what the sex trade really consists of. Our stories differ one from the next, some of us have horror stories, heartbreaking stories, stories that will make your jaw drop, likewise powerless and empowering stories. But aside from the �Sensationalism� that surrounds prostitution, we want to be bold about telling you the truths within trade.

We have been collectively afraid, raped, beaten, sold, discarded�.Most of us were also children who were forgotten, neglected, abused, used, led astray, abandoned� and not protected.

We believe everyone should be shown a viable way out of the sex trade, not encouraged to stay in it. We believe in helping people understand the full picture of life in prostitution before they get involved, and in helping women get out alive, with their minds, bodies, and lives in tact.

We are ready for dialogue; sensible healthy communication with others who believe as we do� its going to take a collective effort for us to abolish the worlds oldest oppression! We do not claim to have all the answers, and we cant do this alone, but what we can offer is first-hand knowledge of the the barriers people face when trying to ‘get out’ and stay out, and we create opportunities for positive change for those enslaved by the sex trade.

“It’s about time Canada learned about Sextrade101”

Sextrade101 Services

o Public Presentations
o Police Sensitivity Training
o Workshop/Program Development
o Educational Street Tours

Client Services

o Peer Mentors
o Court Support/Advocacy
o Trauma Counselling
o Safety Planning/Crisis Intervention
o Temporary Safe Houses
o Life Skills Support/Resume Creation
o Prostitution Anonymous Meetings
o Volunteer Opportunities
o Emergency Pet Care
o Street Outreach
o Donations


* Our services are facilitated by survivors who posses the education and experience imperative to support victims and survivors of the sex trade industry.

National Hotline for Survivors of Sex Trafficking 1 866 528 7109