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The argument between wives and whores is an old one; each one thinking that whatever she is, at least she is not the other.
– Andrea Dworkin

MYTH: All prostitutes are disease infected.
FACT: Prostitutes are experts with providing the safest sex practices and disease prevention. It’s the prostitutes’ job to work as safely as possible. However, there are those who’ll resort to desperate measures.

MYTH: Guys who turn tricks are gay.
FACT: Many guys who turn tricks are doing it for survival reasons, and are considered “gay-for-pay”.

MYTH: The average age someone enters prostitution is 14 years old.
TRUE: According to the Toronto’s Sex Crimes Unit, children are most at risk and vulnerable to entering the sex trade.

MYTH: Prostitutes are sex addicts and like their job.
FACT: Only 1% of prostitutes actually report enjoyment working in the sex trade, the other 99% feel it is a job and they do it for the money. Many women disclose having serious trust and intimacy issues as a direct result of the repetition and the desensitizing nature of sex work.

MYTH: Prostitutes who work at indoor locations are safer than those working on the streets.
FACT: Many prostitutes who work indoors have experienced violence at the hands of their tricks/clients. The invisibility of working indoors heightens the risk of rape and violence. Indoor locations may also house underage girls and on-site drug dealers, again furthering the potential for violence and criminal activity.

MYTH: Most people who have experienced working in the sex trade support a decriminalized or legalized system.
FACT: Every prostitute is different. However, once women know the facts, most think prostitution on any level is exploitation of women and that legalizing prostitution will only make it more attractive to abusers; pimps and human traffickers. Most women would rather support a system that helps them find alternatives to sex work.

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