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Resources for support:

Shelter Net � Making the Links for Abused Women Now


The Women’s Hostel is a safe accessible shelter for women, who are homeless, socially isolated, and who have difficulty maintaining housing elsewhere. The women who require emergency shelter may have been recently evicted, unemployed, victims of domestic violence, have mental health or substance use issues, or be sex trade workers.

Hostel Staff work with the women in a flexible and respectful manner, using a harm reduction approach. They help the women identify and meet their individual needs, link them with appropriate support services, and help them access safe, affordable housing to end their cycle of homelessness.

Hostel phone (416) 368-2642

Fred Victor Centre – Main Location
145 Queen Street East Toronto
Toronto, Ontario
M5A 1S1
Phone: (416) 364-8228

Street Haven; At the Cross Roads

Street Haven at the Crossroads’ goal is to innovate and establish an integrated continuum of services which will improve the quality of life of women in need and bring creative solutions to their problems.

This continuum of services includes immediate support for women who come to Street Haven at the Crossroads off the street, the provision of meals and a place to sleep, a place to heal, a place to grow and a place to live independently, in accordance with what each individual woman is ready to handle and in recognition of the varied potential of each woman.

Street Haven at the Crossroads has been serving women since 1965. Street Haven operates in the belief that all women are worthwhile. They deserve to be treated with dignity and to be given the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Street Haven’s programs are designed to meet the changing needs of women in areas such as culture, mental health, addictions, poverty and homelessness.

Street Haven has an open-door philosophy. All of the programs, The Haven, Grant House, Addiction Case Management, The Learning Centre, Joubert House and Supportive Housing are based on a non-judgmental, total acceptance of each woman.

The Haven: This is an emergency, short-term shelter and drop-in centre that provides 24 hours of support. Women are provided shelter, food and clothing. They are also offered support and counselling.

The Hostel Redirect Program: This program helps women move from shelter to homes. A counsellor finds safe affordable housing and assists women in maintaining their housing.

The Joubert House: This is a home for women with a history of psychiatric illness and homelessness. Careful attention is taken to address all the physical and emotional needs of women.

87 Pembroke Street
Toronto, ON Canada M5A 2N9
Phone: 416-967-6060
Fax: 416-924-6900

Covenant House – (Youths)

Our commitment is to serve suffering children of the street, and protect and safeguard all children. We do this with absolute respect and unconditional love.

Covenant House Toronto is a leading expert in and advocate for homeless youth in Canada. We serve the largest homeless youth population and provide the most comprehensive range of housing and support services through our facilities and in collaboration with community partners, to meet the needs of street youth.

We are flexible and responsive to the emerging needs of homeless youth. Our actions are supported by in-depth information and research and our operations are second to none.

Kids come to us in crisis, desperately needing help. We provide for their basic human needs – food, clothing, a shower and medical attention � immediately.

Kids who are trying to get off the street are often scared and mistrustful. We protect our kids from violence and degradation by providing them safety.

By setting an example, we show our youth that wholesome, caring relationships are based on trust, respect and honesty.

Street life is unstable and unpredictable. We provide structure and a reasonable set of expectations to give our kids a chance to focus on their future.

We help our youth make positive choices. We give them the encouragement they need to believe in themselves and to change.

If you are a youth in need of shelter�.

Info: 416 598-4898
Fax: (416) 204-7030

Location: 20 Gerrard St. E.
Toronto, ON M5B 2P3
Phone (416) 593-4849
Toll Free # 1-800-435-7308 (Open 24 hours)

Florence Booth Shelter
Provides safe, secure short-term accommodation to women who are in a housing crisis.

Philosophy of Ministry:
Every life is in need of individual attention because the experience of each individual is different. To us every individual needs to work through their issues and we provide as best we can a welcoming facility and caring staff to assist each lady.

The services provided at this 60 bed facility are for serving the needs of homeless women 16 years and over in the city of Toronto. The program at the shelter deals with mental health, addiction, abuse, refugee claimant, transient lifestyle, probation, unsafe housing and eviction and financial management. As well emergency clothing can be provided.

The length of stay varies from a few days to two years. The occupants are housed either in the large 47 bed dorm or the smaller 13 bed dorm. In the Dining Room three meals a day are provided as well as snacks. There is also a day lounge for entertainment and conversation which will allow the residents to stay all day.

The interested individual can make contact themselves by telephone or just come in off the street. Persons may also be referred by an agency. The facility has also had clients that have been referred by government officials from the airport.

723 Queen St. West
Toronto, ON

Tel: 416.603.9800
Fax: 416.603.8337

Red door family shelter

The Welcome Mat is always out at the Red Door Family Shelter! Since 1982 homeless families in Toronto have had a temporary home at the Red Door while they got back on their feet and were able to move into their own home once again. Women and children fleeing violence, refugees and other families needing safe, supportive housing in an emergency have found it here. add women abuse info link, plus main line for family shelter.

YWCA women’s shelter

YWCA Women’s Shelter has been in operation since 1991. The shelter provides safe and secure emergency shelter for women and their children who are fleeing violence. YWCA Women’s Shelter is staffed 24 hours a day and can welcome up to 11 families at one time in our 33 bed shelter. what we offer:

In additions to shelter, we provide women and their children with food, clothing and diapers. We assist with efforts to obtain housing, Social Assistance, medical and legal help. Our staff, which have expertise in numerous areas (i.e. job readiness, advocacy, housing, parenting, affects of violence on women and their children), are available to work with women as they begin to establish lives that are free from violence. Working from a feminist practice, we welcome women fleeing violence from all cultures, religions and places in Canada. We work with other community agencies which provide counselling and interpretation services.